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It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to program, design, optimize or do similar things for a website. You can still make money doing familiar things. Start working from home immediately without additional investment.

You can do a lot of “non-technical” things. Some of them are writing (articles, comments…), data research/collection (searching specific information on the internet), data entry (mainly copy/paste), translation, etc. For all these technicians there is of course programming, design, search engine optimization , and so forth.

Looking for a vacancy/project website: is a great website. Most of my projects are completed on this website. I advise it. While the name implies that most of the work is in web development, there are other less technical jobs such as writing articles, data entry, data collection (research), etc. You don’t have to pay for registration. Their fee is the lowest (4%) or one of US$4. You can withdraw money in several ways. They also offer a hosting system so you can make sure you are protected from scammers. Users can give each other feedback – this is a good choice. Publishing projects is free and the webmaster does not charge any fees.

Rent an encoder – I only made one project. The general sentiment on this site is wrong to some extent, but either way, you can find a lot of different jobs there, not just coding. There are also some limitations that make communicating with buyers a bit difficult, and they don’t offer wire transfer withdrawals – I love using them. Their fee is 18% which is another reason why I don’t use it often.

Freelance Network- This is a UK website. So of course many jobs are unique to the UK. Of course, there are many jobs that you can do at home and anywhere in the world. The good thing is that it is free, and yes, there is no charge. At the same time, this is bad news. It can happen that you do your job without getting paid. This does not happen when using a managed system.

There are many more websites. But these should be enough to get you started. Eventually you will realize that it is best to focus on one or two of these sites. Mainly because of feedback. Most freelance websites provide a way for buyers to rate service providers after the project is completed. There are very few good interest rates, and some kind words about you can play a magical role in future bids.

You will realize that many people you find on this site will contact you to do some extra work (if you get it right the first time) so that you can build your regular customers.

The abbreviation “PHP” is better known on the internet, namely PHP: Hypertext Processor. PHP is basically used on the server to get web pages with PHP input and output, usually in HTML format. In this era, it is vital that most commercial websites must adhere to this programming format. To make your website professional, outsource this tedious process to an experienced PHP programmer.

Why do you need a PHP programmer?
This means that as an employer who wants a website with a database or multiple pages with the same format, you may have to look for employees with professional experience in using PHP. A word of caution: careless code can lead to unnecessary security vulnerabilities, so you can choose PHP coders that focus on understanding the risks and are able to check for errors in the code yourself.

This also means that if you want “dynamic relay chat”, which is essentially a chat box displayed on your website, allowing users to talk directly to other users or technical support, PHP will allow it. It is also useful for running Flash on your website, so if you want your company website to describe your best quality Flash movie opening in a vivid and eye-catching way, you may need someone with PHP developer experience to help with this goal. reach.

Looking for experienced programmers
An experienced PHP programmer should also have some experience with programming in C/C++, at least the baseline. It is not uncommon to find advertisements for PHP programmers with a lot of extra skills. Another skill that may catch your eye is “flash”. This means that not only can they write code to embed files and make them work, but they can also design Flash buttons, movies, or entire web pages that you want to show to the public. Most PHP programmers also have skills in more common languages, such as HTML, JAVA, and CSS. In addition, many of them can use programs like ASP, which means that if you are looking for an interactive format for your website, they may be able to design a forum for visitors to use.

How much do you have to pay?
After choosing a PHP programmer, the salary problem came back. The average salary of most PHP programming freelancers is a minimum of $15 per hour. The general rule of thumb is that programmers with more skills will bid on your project at a higher price than programmers with less skills. This isn’t always true, and this is where your judgment comes into play. If you are looking for a portfolio of people who have extensive experience creating dynamic Flash movies and web pages, are proficient in PHP programming and C/C++ usage, and may also be able to create written content, then it may be worth more to pay them than average. As always, it depends on your judgment: do you want the average salary of an average PHP programmer or an incredible PHP programmer?


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