Freelance Writers – Do You Know What Services to Offer?

If you want to get a writing job right away, one way is to write letters of introduction and send them to at least a dozen local small businesses. In addition to these letters, you should also include a list of your writing services. But do you actually know what service you want to provide?

Perhaps you’ve only considered writing for magazines or other commercial print publications, and never considered writing for companies or individuals. You can still write for magazines. However, if you also chase some regular business customers, you will make more money faster.

Here are some writing services that most good writers can immediately provide to small businesses and individuals:

Writing Articles Companies must regularly write articles for their websites and blog posts. If you have set up a blog for your writing business, you know how to write short articles that can be used on your website or blog. Translate this skill into a small business package.

Press Releases- Most companies know that they need regular press releases. But most don’t have anyone to write them internally. If you provide this service at a reasonable price, you can get a number of contracts to continue providing this service. For example, you could write a press release for a company every six weeks. Do this for multiple companies and you will earn a steady income as a writer.

Continue writing – if you can promote this service well, you can build a completely free writing business, just write resumes. Moreover, if you just insist on using such a service, you have time to be really good at it so that people are willing to pay a high price for your service.

Product Description-Find the websites of some small businesses in your area that offer the products you have been using. Read the product descriptions on these websites. Can you describe these products better? Then send a short letter of introduction to each business owner, along with a sample description of one of their products you’ve used (so you have enough first-hand knowledge to accurately describe the product). who knows? At least some of these business owners may hire you to rewrite all product descriptions, or hope to hire you to write descriptions for emerging products.

Starting to get ideas about some of the writing services you can provide?

If you think about your unique writing skills and interests, I think you can think of many services that can be provided to other companies and individuals. Soon you can earn a good steady income as a writer.


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