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When you start freewriting, it can be confusing. You want to work, but most people are looking for experienced people. Without it no one would hire you, how do you get this experience?

Using some free online tools can help you build your freelance writing career and your own business.

Here are some things you can do to help you build a strong position:

*Blog sites are usually free and can even earn you a Google AdSense revenue share and help you create a job resume.

*Use your blog as a resume. Write articles and helpful blogs about niches you are interested in. If you want to become a travel writer, write this in your blog. If you want to be an editor, write in your blog from an editor’s point of view. Use your blog to grow followers and niche markets for yourself. It will soon become something you can show to potential customers.

*Learn some basic HTML and create a blog page that looks like a large linkable document. This can help you organize all your online articles and write them on one page so that people considering hiring you can find it.

*If you’re applying for writing jobs, set yourself apart from other applicants. Talk about yourself honestly. Don’t over-promote yourself, but show interest in the position and include a sample of your work. Don’t be too long in your application and be sure to include a copy of the release link in your email copy so you have a copy on hand when you talk to potential customers.

*Join the writers forum and talk to other writers. Many writers network and share the source of paid works, and also outsource some of their freelance jobs.

*If you have a conversation, please provide your contact details. Or have a Skype or MSN/Yahoo/ICQ call with potential buyers. This makes them feel good with you and can be very much like a face-to-face interview where you have the opportunity to ask/answer questions. If you discuss terms and conditions of employment, this is also a conversation that you can keep.

* Build a niche, but also show flexibility. While niches are important to help you earn higher interest rates, flexibility is also important if you want to ensure you have an extensive network for regular paid work.

Niche shows you’re an expert, but flexibility can help you find markets you might not even know about.

Many freelance writers have three jobs. They have easy and low-paid jobs, middle-income jobs, and high-paying jobs. You spend more time on these jobs, but they’re not quite as mobile. I try to find as many mid-market jobs as possible so that I can afford the occasional night or day break and still feel like I’m doing a pretty good job. This gives me time to do my own writing and write articles, copywriting or ghostwriting for others.

When I apply for a job I will try to show several examples of successful works published online and include a series of samples of my writing. My blog is very suitable to help me find a job. If you don’t get a response within a few days, I don’t think there’s a problem with the follow-up. Don’t follow prospects, but I once planned to give up, but thought my follow up allowed me to take on one of my current highest paid repeat customers.

Demonstrate your ability and prove that you are qualified to:

When I applied for a high-paying job as a ghostwriter for a successful naturopath, I referred them to my blog index because I knew it contained many articles on therapeutic foods and alternative medicine. I also showed some of the places I published on my own. I have this job.

When I wanted to apply for a regular low-paying but high-level position, I pointed to a few online places I had published and my blog, which showed that I can write on a wide variety of topics.

Do you have a blog? By signing up for a free blog, you can list your work for free, get yourself indexed in search engines, and create a professional image for you when applying for a job.

good luck.

Dana Prince (Dana Prince) is a freelance writer who works full-time in ghostwriting, copywriting, and book reviews for novelists and magazines, writing books for authors. Dana also hosts a resource forum for writers and writes her own novel.


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