How To Go Freelance and Start Working Today

Tired of the nine to five dead end? Maybe it’s time to freelance and become your own boss. People from all walks of life find that they can find a worthwhile freelance job in their own home.

For new freelancers looking to get started right away, here are the five most popular jobs:

Freelance Writer

Okay, so not everyone can be the next J.K Rowling and write a bestseller, but you might be surprised to learn that the level of writing can actually make you money online. If you have any talent as a writer then how much money you can earn is a limit in heaven. From writing reports for companies to product reviews and even providing resume writing services, writers are always obligated to provide these services all over the world.

Virtual Assistant

If you have a computer, a good internet connection and a good set of organizational skills, then you may want to become a virtual assistant. Many small and medium-sized companies now outsource many administrative tasks. They prefer to use people who work from home rather than recruiting agencies. So if you can use the spreadsheet and answer the phone, this could be ideal.

Complete the online survey

Probably the easiest way to start making money from home as a freelancer, taking the survey gives you a way to get paid for your opinion. This usually comes in the form of companies who want to assess the market before launching a new product, and they will ask for your opinion through online surveys.

However, you should sign up with as many companies as possible and hope that you will be selected to participate in above-average surveys to earn money. But just like everyone else, it can be done with dedication, hard work and a little luck!

Taking pictures.

Do you have a digital camera and internet connection? Then you can get paid by photographing everyday objects. Magazines, online e-magazines and online businesses pay a high price for good snapshots.

Internet research.

The company pays employees to search the Internet for competing products or services and report them to them. This is great for people who like to spend time online. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to get paid.

If these jobs sound interesting, freelancing and finding these cool jobs has never been easier. You don’t need years of schooling to get started. Just sign up for an excellent freelance website, like GoFreelance, and you can start working from home today.

Most online writers don’t get the compensation they deserve. This is a fact that most writers know, but they either don’t know they should be making more, or they don’t know how to start making more. It’s time to stop being satisfied with a value below you and start giving yourself a raise.

That is it:

1. Make Sure You’re Worth It. The first step is to realize that you are worth it and that minimum wage (or worse) is not appropriate for experienced writers. If you can support it, let it reflect your rates.

2. Get feedback and recommendations. Ask current or past customers for feedback and recommendations. Use the recommendation form at the end of each project. Offer your customers discounts for their next service order when filling out the form.

3. Increase your rates. If the cost of living rises, raise your rates at the start of the new year. Or increase rates for specific services you provide that are in high demand.

4. Increase your rates. This is a great tip that can be used for site outsourcing or bidding where the site fee is added to your rate to be the same as what the customer sees. You can round this number so that the costs are not taken out of your pocket.

5. Research the profiles of successful freelancers in your niche who are making the money you want to make. To be the best, learn from the best.

6. Expand your skills. Take courses or courses, buy new books or read and study on your own to learn new skills. Remember that what you provide is a service, and skills will make you more useful.

7. Take the online freelance skills test and get other certifications. This will provide you with references. This makes more sense than just telling the client, “I promise I can do it!”

8. Improve your visibility and reputation. Go outside and get attention. Let people talk about you (good, of course). If your name shows up everywhere, they know you’re the right person.

9. Add your best and rarest skills to your online resume. This indicates that you have higher needs, or that you can offer something that all other writers don’t. This makes you more valuable.

10. Avoid underestimating yourself. Don’t weaken yourself for fear of losing potential customers. A customer who isn’t willing to pay your value isn’t right for you in the first place. Don’t fall into a “bid war” because of the project. You underestimate yourself every time.

Now that you know how to increase your salary, you can earn more as a freelance writer. Writing doesn’t mean being “the poor man’s work”, but you are in charge of your own destiny. If you want to make more money, then it’s time to get out there and do what it’s supposed to do.


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